'Walking = wellness' is not a groundbreaking equation. Countless studies confirm walking improves health and mood, including this study from the University of Michigan that states a 20-minute nature walk lowers stress hormones. Furthermore, walking also stimulates creativity during and post-walk, according to Stanford researchers.

So when Austin Kleon posted his 29-Day Challenge (cleverly adapted for the leap year), I decided to boost my wellness-ish-ness with a new challenge:

Head to Austin Kleon's website to start your 29-Day challenge. And don't forget to reward yourself at the end of the month. I'm thinking of adding New Order's Power, Lies, & Corruption record and Beach House's Bloom album to my vinyl library.

I teach project management to college students and they have a six week assignment of designing and pitching an original theme park. They are responsible for acquiring land, developing conceptual designs, drafting budgets, creating rides and entertainment, marketing merchandise, and so forth. For one class, they are developing a virtual reality + augmented reality themed park, but incorporating natural, real-life landscapes. My second class is doing a park based on the escape room concept, but expanding it into open spaces.

As they initiate the work ahead, I've been stuck on how to teach creativity & innovation. I can lecture about budgets, time management, marketing, business plans, business leadership, networking, etc. with ease. But creativity? And innovation? Oh boy.

So I made a quick guide for all those who need support. Enjoy!

Frustrated or let down by the application process for residencies, grants, and fellowships? If you're in the Seattle area, I'm speaking at Hugo House Saturday, Feb 1, 2020, at 3pm. The panel includes writers Michelle Goodman, Donna Miscolta, and Gabrielle Bates. Also on deck are reps from Mineral School, The Seventh Wave, Hedgebrook, and Rockland Residency. The event is free!

If you can't make it, here is what I'm sharing. A PDF version is available here.

Sharing is caring! Forward to your friends and frenemies!

PDF Version available!

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